GRAND PRIX was founded in the age of economic prosperity and rapid development.

The mid-to-late 20th century, century heralded the dawn of the electronic information era, which united the world as one.

The Middle Eastern oil industry then experienced a boom in the late 20th century, supplying the world with vast amounts of energy.

1993 saw the creation of the European Union and the consequent forging of links between the majority of countries in Europe.

This was followed by the signing of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in 1994, which broke down the trade barriers in North America.

In the late 20th century, the economy of the Far East achieved exponential growth, with China's newly implemented reforms and "opening-up" policy fuelling an economic boom.

It was at this point of the new era that luxury watches experienced a surge in popularity.

At the end of the 20th century, the GRAND PRIX brand was conceived in Switzerland.


In 2014

Guy A. Cattin moved the company back to the former headquarters of the family business in the Swiss Jura Mountains.

business was developed in East Asia and South East Asia, and GRAND PRIX set up GeLin (Shanghai) Watch Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, China.

In 2013

GRAND PRIX began to sell its watches through e-commerce.

In 2012

GRAND PRIX had counters in 1000 high-end department stores.

In 2008

GRAND PRIX obtained COSC certification in order to designate its watches "certified chronometers".

In 2005

GRAND PRIX was stocked in 100 outlets belonging to authorised dealers.

In 2000

GRAND PRIX officially entered the market in mainland China.

In the late 20th century

sixth-generation successor Guy A. Cattin founded and registered GRAND PRIX in Neuchâtel, Switzerland.

In 1926

the forth-generation successor invented the family's first automatic mechanical watch.

At the late 19th century

the third-generation successor moved the family to the center of Les Breuleux, the watch-making heart of the Jura Mountains.

In 1857

second-generation successor Constant Cattin created the family's first manual mechanical watch movement.

In 1785

Cattin-family founder Georges Ignace Cattin was born in the Jura Mountains in Switzerland.